Maze Gaming on a whole 'nother level...

PacDaddy3D takes an old familiar genre, and takes it to a whole new dimension: the 3rd dimension. All previous games of this genre have been played on a flat 2-D surface. You could move left-right or up-down, and that's it. left-right, or up-down. You just can't get off that flat plane.

PacDaddy3D is played inside a 3-D cube. You move left-right, up-down, and in-out. This is True 3-D, and has never been seen in this genre. This makes PacDaddy3D crazily more challenging than its lame 2-D cousins, as you have to think ahead in 3-D to escape the pursuing ghosts, while gobbling up food pellets, while traversing a 3-D grid. To even up the odds a little, PacDaddy3D can Jump over the ghosts or Jump to another beam when she's trapped in a tight corner.

Gobble up the spinning energy heart, and chase down the fleeing ghosts before your energy boost runs out. Good luck getting to the energy heart though...

All motion and jumping is controlled by swiping in the direction you want to move, so the game is immediately playable by anyone, but you'll quickly learn that if you don't think ahead, you're a dead PacDaddy!

With Smooth, responsive graphics and neat sound-effects, the game gets faster and more challenging with each completed level.

PacDaddy3D is a unique take on a classic genre.

About Us

Deji Akadiri, an aspiring pugilist and avid karaoke singer, is the inventor of PacDaddy3D.

After enjoying limited success in the ring, culminating in a humiliating knockout defeat in Dubai to an Armenian dwarf, Deji recently turned his considerable skills to programming, and PacDaddy3D is his first foray into this complex field.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Deji stated: "Losing to the dwarf was a real low point in my career. She was a strong puncher, but I definitely thought I should have won. Her southpaw style also confused me a lot."

Deji was much more focused and competitive in the subsequent re-match, but he was eventually disqualified in the 9th round for persistent low blows.

Deji plans to invest any revenues generated from sales of PacDaddy3D into pursuing his dream of becoming the first rider of African origin to win the Kentucky Derby. He is currently following a strict regime combining a low-calorie diet with extreme Japanese training methods, as his current weight of 230 lb is considered to be a little too heavy to compaign succesfully at the elite level of horse racing. Jockeys normally weigh in at around 108 lb.

Deji admits that he has a considerable way to go if he is to meet his target weight, but he is confident that with his strict diet, scientific training methods, and the right horse, he will be ready in time for the 2018 Classic.

There is also the added challenge that Deji has never actually ridden a horse, but he is currently in negotiations to engage experienced camel-riding coach Abduul Hashish and his team.

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